30 nov. 2010

Fur Coats

Here we are, tremoudsly cold weather and snow , even here in France ,so I decided to review all the best fur men coat of this season in order to be ready. The big trend of couse is the costume fur as Karl Lagerfeld  expressed it for Chanel ( Fall Winter 2010), it's quite useful and pretty, you can wear it if it rains or snows and you have no troubles with PETA!! As a fur lover, I will always prefer real fur but I admit the fact that the costume fur can be in certain case really stunning! Another huge appearance was made by the winter fur coat. In the Burberry collection, the fur coats come in light colors like soft cream or in black, on long coats or short jackets. So what can be more perfect for a winter season for those that live in cold cities than a massive fur coat?
 Burberry Fall Winter 2010 2011
Gianfranco Ferré                                                         Gucci

Gianfranco Ferré Fall Winter 2010
Costume Fur

7 commentaires:

  1. I completely love the fur coats on the men. Especially the second Burberry and the Ferrè's ones that you chose....my favourite of this season. I've just bought a fur coat from Ysl, vintage, and you couldn't do a more "appreciated" post, for me"!


  2. Loving your blog. Loving the style. If I ever have a boyfriend I will send him here. Following you now! Thanks for the add on IFB.



  3. love fur. so luxe.

  4. fierce Gucci Fur! WerK!

  5. I used to love fur coats and I'm having second thoughts now. Right now, I'm alright collecting men's overcoats.


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