23 mai 2011

ABC didn't air Britney-Rihanna 'Billboard' kiss

SO Scandalous , every body wanted it and ABC cut it...ABC cut to the audience when it happened. After giving a pillow-fight-filled performance of their remix of Rihanna's S&M, RiRi grabbed Britney's face and planted a big wet one on her cheek.

Scultural Men

20 mai 2011

Gold Timex

I promised , I got it before him...that's a fact Bryan was a bit late...when I saw it on his blog I understood I was more more into fashion! Please tell me I am not becoming like him!!               pic from bryanboy.com

15 mai 2011

Margiela for ever

In my fashion mind Margiela is still the best solution for men, it's the perfect degree of couture.

New Balance M576 Suede Pack – A.P.C. Exclusive

New Balance releases an A.P.C. exclusive pack of their M576. Done up in a suede finish, both made-in-England designs feature white accents amongst blue and moss green bases. Priced at $190 , they are now available through A.P.C. Hong Kong, although a release via the French brand’s other global stores can be expected soon.
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