20 nov. 2010

Clemens en August A/W 2010

For those who missed it and those who need it for christmas, I decided to show you back one of the best collection of this fall winter : Clemens en August. Moreover, the brand has a wonderful web shop ( full of temptations) , the cruise line is also released ...and remember the best way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it!


5 commentaires:

  1. Amazing blog and great post.

    I lvoe the second pic, the coat with the hood: it belongs a sense of mystery, that's sexy and chic!!!


  2. This blog, and especially this post, make me wish I were a man. Which usually only happens when I see a really nice mustache.
    Please keep up this awesomeness so I can pretend I'm a man for fifteen minutes out of my day :)

    xxxx Olivia

  3. Thanks so much Olivia for following! , I'll try to post something on nice guys with mustache a day!!

  4. This inspiring post reminds me of my boyfriend--he's obsessed with jackets! I love all of the looks featured here, and I also love your previous posts as well. They're so captivating and powerful. The pictures are always so amazing. Great blogging!

  5. Alas! These are the kind of suits I prefer wearing; right here, right now! Love 'em all.. N that camel suit - must have!! :)


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