16 déc. 2010

Closed Summer 2011

CLOSED jeans have been around for 30 years but they continue to be amazingly resourceful when it comes to their denim styles. Their men's jeans have a slouchy, casual look in finishes that include the selvedge dark blue, destructed, destroyed and patched. I especially love the combination of patched and destructed ( see the fourth look in the second row). All the trend of this summer are gathered in one perfect collection ( jumpsuits, nuanced colors of leathers, sepia colors...) very wearable , really coolest closed collection since...a while!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Awesome collection. Especially the first jumpsuit and the leather jacket....the leather jacket seems a bit Margiela.


  2. Okay, seriously, those are the best jeans I've ever seen on a guy. They fit so well! And I love the different colors they come in. Those teal shorts = fierce.

    Love & Labels


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