14 déc. 2010

Royal Monceau re-imaginated by Starck

Having welcomed innumerable artists, dignitaries and celebrities since its doors opened in 1928, the historic Le Royal Monceau has been shut for refurbishment since 2007 (you may recall the über-extravagant demolition party, I was there that was unforgettable!) and now those famous doors are once more open with interiors coming courtesy of the legendary French designer, Philippe Starck.  Almost 150 rooms, 5 gourmet dining options, art exhibitions, a boutique, lush Sicilian garden and a spa on the way for 2011. Bold, inventive, artistic, opulent, Starck’s vision of Le Royal Monceau is everything a 21st century French masterpiece should be…

3 commentaires:

  1. I lvoe evrything realized by Philippe Starck from the Ballantyne colletion to his sunglasses. Love him!


  2. I really like your blog, Philippe Starck is amazing!
    Thanks for the friend request on IFB

  3. Anonyme23/12/10

    This looks so pretty, I love Philippe Starck's style. The interiors are great.


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