11 déc. 2010

Must Have: Prism Glasses

My best and favorite glasses and sunglasses (after Persol of course) are PRISM glasses, already adopted by all hypsters and others dandies and even David Beckam (yes he has good taste sometimes!), you can recognize them by the little prism they have on both sides. Anna Laub (creative director of PRISM) explained the frames are produced using traditional techniques. Everything is hand-made and hand-finished. The inspiration for PRISM was as varied as American 50s and 60s vintage frames and the style on the streets of Stockholm, to the clean lines of Mexico City’s Bauhaus architecture.There is five collections as the five coolest cities : Rio, Rome, Paris, London and New York. Having one of them is a fashion key !

5 commentaires:

  1. I lvoe these sunglasses....

  2. So stylish and classy.
    Vintage taste is the best.

  3. I love Persol glasses and sunglasses,classy and stylish

    Great blog, I'm now a follower




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